Want to improve your French in France?
Live like a local for a week in France!

Join Jennifer in France to brush up on your French and experience the culture first-hand:  swill a sip of Bordeaux at the château where the grapes were grown, hike through green Alpine meadows, feel the bubbles of true Champagne while looking out over the vineyards, visit the markets of Provence and negotiate prices en français, enjoy Burgundies in a cellar in Nuits-St.-Georges, visit WWI and WWII battle sites, enjoy walking along the rose granite coast of Brittany and stopping for oysters purchased along the way.

Frog, the Atlanta-Paris Connection, Inc. offers linguistic tours throughout France that are customized to your needs and desires. You choose the region and the company, or join one of FrogAPC’s tours, with a maximum of 5 participants.